A trajectory based on pioneering


Founded by the entrepreneur and visionary Rodolfo Manzato – along with Amerigo, his oldest son. The company started its activities with the machining of auto parts and fasteners for roofs.


With the constant growth of the company in the 80s, Manzato focused exclusively to manufacture screws (UNC, UNF, Metric and self-tapping). Then, a long cycle of trips abroad for new product research, equipment purchase and development of production processes began to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.


Launching of self-drilling screw. The product, developed with national technology, soon became a success, considering that until that year the market depended solely on imports.


Achievement of ISO 9001.


Development of surface treatment called Aluseal Super, which gives greater durability and corrosion resistance to the self-drilling screws.


Inauguration of the new unit in São Paulo - SP, which improved customer service and logistics with the other regions of Brazil.


Launching of Duometal Line, stainless steel self-drilling screws with high corrosion resistance and excellent drilling performance, special for construction.


Installation of new equipment in the manufacturing area and expansion of the commercial area into a new and modern space.


Achievement of the Outstanding Competitiveness Award delivered by the client Marcopolo S/A.


Recertification of ISO 9001 - 2015.